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Middles are more oriented to principles and concepts, like justice, over earning power or prestige—for example, suffragette Susan B.Anthony and the Polish freedom fighter Lech Walesa. And when they do enter into a more traditional business, they are great innovators and team leaders, such as Bill Gates.Your family position relates to the jobs you’re drawn to and how you interact with people in the workplace.Middles are flexible, team-builders, independent, yet also social. These are critical skills in the modern work world.A study we conducted showed that middles are more open-minded and adventurous about sex, but likely to stray when in a monogamous relationship than other birth orders.An Israeli marital happiness survey shows that middles are the happiest and most satisfied in relationships, and that they partner well with firsts or lasts—but less well with other middles because they may both avoid conflict.They would make good teachers, actors, social workers, diplomats—but would not be so good at work where they’re isolated (i.e., computer programmer) or when they have a position of authority in which they have to micromanage other people.Empathy can cause them stress—they’d make good defense lawyers, but not good prosecutors!

It’s important to remember, too, that self-esteem fluctuates depending on successes and failures—older middles will end up with higher self-esteem than what’s reported by younger middles.

And interestingly, while lastborns also tend to be permissive parents, their permissiveness is more about not wanting to be bothered fussing with the rules.


WHAT ARE SOME COMMON STEREOTYPES ABOUT MIDDLE CHILDREN? Middles are not embittered wallflowers—they are social beings and great team players.

They are considered to be neglected, resentful, have no drive, have a negative outlook, feel like they don’t belong—in other words, that they suffer from “Middle Child Syndrome.” A Stanford University study showed that middles are considered the most envious, least bold, and least talkative of all the birth orders. If middles are so resentful and bitter, why are they more cooperative and trusting in their friendships? Fifty-two percent of our Presidents have been middles.

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