Dating with eyepatch woman

After they hooked up, he began having disturbing memories and became increasingly distant from her.He soon found himself enmeshed in a host of problems.Although she was already ill, she refused to believe him and ran.This was enough to spark things up between them, however, and they began an affair which they tried to shield from Jack. Jack was crushed, raped Kayla and had Steve beaten.He was deployed to get a piece of film from Kimberly Brady, but the film found its way to Melissa and Pete Jannings who promptly went on the run when they figured out how dangerous it was.Bo and Hope Brady went off in pursuit, sure that the film would give them the evidence they needed to convict Kiriakis for his crimes.Alan befriends him under the alias Jeff and stands Lindsey up for Larry's VIP sky box invitation, only to find her attending too, but she plays along.

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Alan can't resist spying on Lindsey's 'other boyfriend' Larry, whose discarded cloths he already wears, then meets him cycle-spinning in the gym, finds him incredibly nice and generous.

As the competition accelerated, Bo and Steve got in a knife fight which ended with Steve losing his eye.

They split up and Steve returned to Salem to work for Victor Kiriakis.

Grabbing Kayla, Steve went on the run only to be cleared of the charges while he was away.

When he returned to Salem with Kayla, things would take an unexpected turn.

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