Updating maven dependencies

Tycho supports the build process of Eclipse plug-ins, OSGi bundles, Eclipse features and update sites (based on p2) and products.Combined with a continuous integration server, e.g., a Jenkins instance, Tycho allows a continuous integration build.The created JAR file still has the SNAPSHOT suffix.This suffix is replaced with the build time stamp once you build a product or an update site with the [INFO] Reactor Summary: [INFO] [INFO] com.vogella..............................This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with Eclipse plug-ins and RCP development.Check Eclipse Plug-in Tutorial and Eclipse RCP Tutorial to learn about it.

Ensure that the org.runtime bundle is resolved and started (see config.ini). Eclipse App Launcher.start(Eclipse App Launcher.java: Activate the target definition file in the Eclipse IDE.In a Tycho build it is good practice to create a configuration pom file.This file includes the Tycho plug-ins and the definition of the build environment. The folder which contains this build file is typically releng for You need to define where Tycho can find the dependencies of your Eclipse components.Also, see Eclipse Feature Project to learn how to create feature projects.is a set of Maven plug-ins for building Eclipse components via the Maven build system.

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